New Civic Engagement Projects

New Civic Engagement Projects

In April, EWMI ACCESS issued targeted grants to continue successful civic engagement initiatives implemented over the past years. Through the targeted grants program EWMI ACCESS enables its partner CSOs to carry out long-term and more sustained civic actions without interruption. In addition, based on the past experience and lessons learned, the renewed projects use more flexible and refined approaches to increase impact of their activities.

The following 6 organizations received funding to carry on their activities:

Orbeliani Georgia – The project aims to use the crowdfunding e-platform to mobilize community support and resources to help locally-driven recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. Orbeliani Georgia will capitalize on the successful experience and lessons learnt from the pilot phase supported by ACCESS and further build sustainability of the platform.

Gavigudet – The overall goal of the project is fight air pollution in Rustavi through awareness raising and citizen engagement in online and offline campaigns.

Salam Platform – The project aims to address the most urgent needs of the rural population in Kvemo Kartli in the COVID-19 crisis response through community organizing and advocacy. The project activities will cover 10 villages of Marneuli, Gardabani, Bolnisi, and Dmanisi and focus primarily on ethnic minorities.

Center for Civic Activities (CCA) – The project aims to support homeless people in Georgia’s mountainous regions during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic is hitting homeless people especially hard. Center of Civic Activities will partner with the Georgian Network of High Mountain Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to highlight the multifaceted help needed by homeless people and provide support to this community through citizen mobilization and advocacy.

Tbilisi Pride – The goal of the project is to protect the rights of LGBTQI persons during the COVID-19 crisis through empowering their families and taking targeted steps to ensure that their voices are heard to support their children. The new project will build on the experience of forming network of LGBTQI person’s family members back in 2020 with EWMI ACCESS support and further empower, expand and build resilience of this movement and its members though awareness-raising, peer-support, trainings and media outreach.

Human Rights and Social Justice Research Center – addressing water and air pollution in Poti through civic engagement and advocacy.


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