Program Team

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Tamar Karosanidze

Chief of Party

e-mail: tkarosanidze(at)


Tamar Gurchiani

Deputy Chief of Party

e-mail: tgurchiani(at)


Nodar Tangiashvili

Public Policy Adviser

e-mail: ntangiashvili(at)


Ann Tsurtsumia-Zurabashvili

Capacity Development Manager

e-mail: atsurtsumia(at)


Boris Strecansky

Domestic Resource Mobilization Advisor

e-mail: bstrecansky(at)


Giorgi Arsenidze

Domestic Resource Mobilization Manager

e-mail: garsenidze(at)


Ani Nikabadze

Citizen Engagement Coordinator



Natia Ghonghadze

Grants Manager

e-mail: nghongadze(at)


Temo Danelia

Finance and HR Manager

e-mail: tdanelia(at)


Manana Tatishvili

Monitoring and Evaluation and Public Outreach Specialist

e-mail: mtatishvili(at)


Mackenzie Baldinger

Public Outreach Coordinator

e-mail: mbaldinger(at)


Mari Gabunia

Capacity Development Coordinator

e-mail: mgabunia(at)


Gvantsa Maisuradze

Grants Administrator

e-mail: gmaisuradze(at)


Archil Sagharadze

Logistics Coordinator/driver

e-mail: asagharadze(at)





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