Develop an Ecosystem for Sustainability of Civic Actors

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The Program will collaborate with other existing efforts to scale up response to identified needs on improving the ecosystem for CSO financial sustainability and philanthropy in Georgia. For this purpose the program will:

Assess the enabling environment for corporate and individual philanthropy and develop a Roadmap for Civil Society Financial Sustainability and Philanthropy. The assessment will examine existing legislation, evaluate the practices, and review existing donor programs in this area to account for successes and lessons learned, while the Roadmap will propose a set of concrete actions for improving the sustainability ecosystem in Georgia. Possible solutions will include not only legislative and regulatory changes, but improving implementation practices, through training for relevant stakeholders and developing guidelines, amongst other interventions.

Pilot new mechanisms and support other existing efforts for generating sustainable, local resources for civic activism in Georgia. This may include leveraging new technologies and social media, promoting social entrepreneurship, and piloting philanthropy through privatization and Livefunding models.

Support partnerships between the civil society and private sectors to help develop thoughtful mid- and long-term plans for Corporate Responsibility (CR) and promote strategic CR projects that address complex social issues through inter-sectoral collaboration.

Support Network of Centers for Civic Engagement (NCCE) uniting Centers for Civic Engagement located in 10 Georgian cities to provide space for politically neutral dialogue and initiate activities that address public interest issues with a country wide reach. The program will work with the Network to help it diversify its funding streams through current and new tools.

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