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Act Now / Rapid Response Grants Program

  1. The citizen group Dopomoga Ukraini – უკრაინისთვის – launching an informational page that offers consolidated information about the free services and other types of support offered to Ukrainian citizens in Georgia. The page brings together verified resources on a number of topics, including medical services, legal assistance, accommodation, education, psychological services, and employment opportunities. Its associated Facebook group, which already boasts membership of more than 2.7 thousand people, aims to serve as forum for Ukrainian citizens to communicate their specific needs and receive assistance. Project duration: 25 March – 25 May. Project budget: 9,800 $.
  2. Orbeliani Georgia – #MoreForUkraine event – Holding the solidarity fair for Ukrainian citizens in Georgia MoreForUkraine which brought together more than 50 businesses, NGOs, universities, and consultants who offered Ukrainian attendees various services, legal advice, educational and employment opportunities available to them. A crowdfunding campaign was also launched prior to the event through the Orbeliani Meti platform, which aims to create targeted and ongoing assistance for specific needs communicated by Ukrainians living in Georgia. Project duration: 28 April – 28 May, 2022. Project budget: 8,874 $.
  3. Solidarity Community – Awareness-raising campaign in upper Ajara to counter pro-Russian narratives and reduce the influence of radical groups. The project team will hold informational meetings and discussions with teachers as well as any interested citizens in the municipalities of Khelvachauri, Keda, Shuakhevi and Khulo. The Solidarity Community will also coordinate its efforts with local and Tbilisi-based civil society organizations that are working on countering disinformation and propaganda. Project duration: 11 April – 11 June, 2022. Project budget: 3,443 $.
  4. World Experience for Georgia – Assessment of the short and medium-term impact of the war in Ukraine on the energy security of Georgia. The project team will develop policy papers outlining the current threats against Georgia’s energy sector in the short and medium-term. The policy papers, which will also provide concrete and actionable recommendations, will be presented to the Government of Georgia and disseminated to the public. Project duration: 11 April – 11 June, 2022. Project budget: 4,200 $.
  5.  The online media platform Indigo – Developing media products on some of the most debated issues related to the Russia-Ukraine war and its impact on Georgia. The topics will include Georgia’s immigration policy toward Russian citizens; Georgia’s economic dependence on Russia; Georgia’s EU integration perspective in the context of the war; Russia-Georgia post-war relations; and Georgia’s relationship with the West. Project duration: 11 April – 11 June, 2022. Project budget: 10,000 $.
  6. Center for Civic Activities (CCA) – citizen mobilization and advocacy campaign in Racha to protect the more than 100,000 hectares of the Racha-Lechkhumi forest that were auctioned off by the Georgian government in April. The campaign also advocates for the establishment of a national park in Racha that includes the recently auctioned territory. Project duration: 24 May-24 July, 2022. Project budget: 7,900$.
  7. Psycho-Rehabilitation Center Empathy – documenting Russian war crimes during the invasion of Ukraine by gathering evidence from testimonies of Ukrainian refugees currently residing in Georgia; submitting the documents to the relevant institutions in Ukraine and/or internationally. In addition, offering needs-based psychological assistance to the refugees to help them cope with their traumatic stress, as well as legal assistance. Project duration: 29 April – 29 August 2022. Project budget: $10,000.

List of the projects implemented under ACCESS project is available here – Completed Grants – ACCESS