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Advocating for a School Meals Program

According to existing research, free meals at school play an important role in children’s physical health and cognitive development. They can considerably increase students’ academic performance as they are able

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Promoting Corporate Responsibility in Georgia

Global Compact Network Georgia, with support from the USAID Civil Society Engagement Program, is actively working to promote and support corporate responsibility, increase the role of the private sector in

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CSOs and Civic Activists Meet Locals in Javakheti

To foster closer cooperation among civil society and residents from all over Georgia and ensure that the work it supports focuses on citizen-identified priorities, the USAID Civil Society Engagement Program

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Protecting Natural and Historical Monuments in the Truso Valley

თრუსოს ხეობას მდიდარი კულტურული და ისტორიული მემკვიდრეობა გააჩნია, რომელსაც  დაცვა სჭირდება. ხეობაში მიწის ყიდვასა და რეგისტრაციაზე 2020 წელს გაუქმებული მორატორიუმი საფრთხეს უქმნის უნიკალურ ბუნების და კულტურის ძეგლებს. ყაზბეგში დაფუძნებული არასამთავრობო

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Innovation and Challenge Grants Program – Frequently asked questions

See FAQ document on Innovation and Challenge Grants Program. The document in georgian is available here – ხშირად დასმული კითხვები – ინოვაციებისა და გამოწვევების საგრანტო პროგრამა – ოქტომბერი, 2023 Information

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Strategic Support and Policy Grants (SSPG) program

The USAID Civil Society Engagement Program invites Georgian civil society organizations (CSO) and CSO networks to submit grant applications to the Strategic Support and Policy Grants (SSPG) program. SSPG will support applications

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Analysis of the Law “On Introducing Amendments to the Law of Georgia ‘On Assemblies and Manifestations’”

On October 5, 2023, the Parliament of Georgia adopted the Law of Georgia “On Introducing Amendments to the Law of Georgia ‘On Assemblies and Manifestations’” through accelerated procedure. This law

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Innovation and Challenge Grants (ICG) Program

The USAID Civil Society Engagement Program announces the open-door Innovation and Challenge Grants (ICGs) program to support citizen engagement and community-strengthening initiatives by Georgian civil society organizations (CSOs), civic movements,

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Bolnisi Residents Revitalize Cultural Processes in Their City

Georgian citizens living in regional towns and villages are often deprived of the opportunity to attend and take part in artistic, educational, and cultural events. However, local activists from Bolnisi

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Civic Activists Fight for Clean Air in Rustavi

Rustavi is currently one of the most polluted cities in Georgia. With 400 hectares of the city located in an industrial zone and many factories regularly releasing large quantities of