Assessing Management Problems in Georgia’s Professional Theaters

Assessing Management Problems in Georgia’s Professional Theaters

With support from the USAID Civil Society Engagement Program, the CSO Scene of Change is working to modernize management practices in Georgian theaters and make the country’s cultural sector more entrepreneurial.

At the onset of its project, the organization conducted desk research and expert interviews to assess the existing management systems, functional-institutional settings, and funding models of professional theaters in Georgia. Using the experiences of England, Germany, Lithuania, and other countries with successful models, the organization conducted a comparative analysis and crafted recommendations for the Georgian context. With this information, Scene of Change held meetings with theater professionals that garnered significant interest within the sector. At these meetings, participants had the opportunity to reflect on best international practices, discuss solutions to existing issues in Georgian theater management, and explore opportunities for the sector’s development.

Following these meetings, Scene of Change incorporated valuable feedback from the participants and developed a policy paper, which describes the current state of theater management in Georgia and provides recommendations for improvement.

Although the project has concluded, Scene of Change is committed to using the information gathered to create a continued open and inclusive dialogue between theater professionals that allows them to discuss the issues that matter most to their work.

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