EWMI ACCESS Supports the COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign in Georgian Regions

EWMI ACCESS Supports the COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign in Georgian Regions

Because of the lack of trustworthy information and involvement of local influencers in raising awareness about COVID-19 vaccines, many residents of Akhmeta and Keda show little interest in being vaccinated. Language barrier (high concentration of ethnic minorities), poverty and other problems make these municipalities especially vulnerable to disinformation. As teachers play a pivotal role in educating remote communities, the activists’s group engaged 27 teachers from these municipalities. After trainings related to media literacy and COVID-19 vaccination, the teachers launched campaigns to raise awareness in their villages with the slogan “Become a hero for your children” and “Help your family members and friends during COVID-19 vaccination”. The teachers acted as testimonials and prepared and distributed info booklets with the support of the project organizers.

Similarly, in Racha, most of the population in villages consists of elders incapable of traveling to vaccination points in Ambrolauri and Tchrebalo. The Racha Community-based organization is assisting the population of over 40 villages in Ambrolauri municipality offering registration and transportation services. They managed to register over 194 people and provide transportation to 22 people in September alone.

Meanwhile, the Knowledge Café is continuing its efforts in the Sighnaghi municipality, where, thanks to their support, local doctors and nurses visit elderly citizens door-to-door for consultation regarding COVID-19 vaccination. Young volunteers are also helping, distributing brochures. The Café set up a hotline to help all interested citizens get infromation and support in vaccination.

In August and September, the EWMI ACCESS grantee New Thinking Institute engaged in an intensive awareness-raising campaign on COVID-19 vaccination, fighting disinformation through meetings and seminars, distributing bulletins, and helping people getting registered for the vaccine in Kvemo Kartli. Activities covered 7 communities in Bolnisi and Marneuli municipalities.

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