EWMI ACCESS Facilitates Policy Dialogue over an Effective Model of Periodic Technical Inspection of Vehicles in Georgia

EWMI ACCESS Facilitates Policy Dialogue over an Effective Model of Periodic Technical Inspection of Vehicles in Georgia

On June 27, EWMI ACCESS and its partner CSO “Georgian Alliance for Safe Roads” organized a conference on mandatory technical inspection of vehicles to be introduced from January 1, 2018.  The purpose of the conference was to facilitate a multi-stakeholder dialogue over an EU-compatible, affordable, and effective model of Periodic Technical Inspection for Georgia to reduce road fatalities and air pollution, as well as to discuss technical issues to ensure smooth implementation of the reform.

According to the EU-Georgia Association Agreement, the Government is expected to introduce mandatory roadworthiness testing/periodic technical inspection (PTI) of vehicles from 1 January, 2018.

At the conference, speakers presented the preparatory work done so far by 26 Technical Inspection Centers to provide services to more than 1 million vehicles in Georgia, as well as results of the public opinion polls on the upcoming legislative changes. In addition to this, panelists discussed the EU directive and an optimal Periodic Technical Inspection model for Georgia. The conference featured high-ranking public officials (the Deputy Ministers from the Ministry of Economic and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of the Environment and National Resources, the Ministry of the Internal Affairs, and the Mayor of the Tbilisi), representatives of Civil Society Organizations and the donor community (USAID Mission to Georgia and the European Union Delegation to Georgia), representatives of the National Accreditation Center, the Transport and Roads Association of Georgia, and field experts.

The discussion was centered on the following key issues:

1. Readiness for Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI) – Are the existing 26 Testing Centers ready to provide testing services to 1.1 million cars? Is the public Accreditation Center ready to ensure corruption-free, transparent and effective inspection?

2. Public Opinion, Environment & Health Issues – Is the population supportive of introducing PTI? What is the state of air quality in Georgia and what role transport sector plays in air pollution? What are the health problems related to air pollution?

3. EU Directive, International Experiences and an Optimal Model of PTI – What are the requirements of the EU Directive on road-worthiness tests for motor vehicles that Georgia has to transpose in 2018? What are similar experiences of other countries? What are the policy challenges that the Georgian government has to address to ensure the effectiveness of the reform? How can Periodic Technical Inspection deal with car emissions and old cars?

EWMI ACCESS will summarize the feedback and together with other stakeholders follow-up on the main issues raised at the conference.

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