Citizen Outreach Grant (COG) Program

Citizen Outreach Grant (COG) Program

The East-West Management Institute (EWMI) Advancing CSO Capacities and Engaging Society for Sustainability (ACCESS) project invites Georgian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), particularly those from the regions, to apply for Citizen Outreach Grants (COGs). The COG program will support projects that ensure increased, effective, and sustained citizen engagement with CSO awareness raising, information provision and/or advocacy activities, especially in the regions of Georgia. COGs aim to bring CSOs and the constituents they serve closer together in addressing anti-western disinformation.

Grant activities could include awareness raising, myth busting, research and analysis, educational, advocacy and information campaigns, and other citizen mobilization and engagement efforts that focus on countering the local narratives of the anti-western disinformation. Successful COG applicants will propose activities that identify the key local issues of anti-western disinformation that they would like to target and will also emphasize methods that these initiatives will use to generate a popular support through large and/or targeted citizen groups, especially in regions of Georgia.

Deadline for submitting project proposals is December 26, 2016. 

RfA and the Grant Application Form can be downloaded here: rfa_eng

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