Women’s History Month Celebrated in Georgia’s Regions

Women’s History Month Celebrated in Georgia’s Regions

Women’s History Month is celebrated annually in many countries across the world to highlight women’s achievements and their contribution to important events and developments in the history. EWMI ACCESS joins this celebration every year and holds diverse events dedicated to women’s achievements as well as problems and challenges still faced by women in the Georgian society.

This March, EWMI ACCESS has supported the Network of Centers for Civic Engagement (NCCE) in holding various events across 10 regions of Georgia. A special focus was given on achievements and life of women in the beginning of the 20th century in Georgia and history of the women’s rights movements in Georgia and abroad. Apart from holding a number of information seminars on these topics, the NCCE published a book titled “Women from the Past Century (1918-21)” and information posters and cards describing the life of 17 active women during the First Democratic Republic of Georgia.

In order to highlight achievements of contemporary women too, NCCE gathered inspiring stories of unknown women from Georgia’s regions who challenge stereotypes to pursue their interests. An album of portraits and stories of these women was shared on social media.

Women’s labor rights and recent changes to the Labor Code was yet another major topic of the campaign. An information video was prepared and circulated in Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani languages. Expert panels and Q&A sessions were also held in many cities.

The EWMI ACCESS grantee, Winner Women’s Club, in partnership with the Marneuli-based CSO ‘New Thinking Institute’ held an awareness-raising seminar on reproductive health and breast and cervical cancer screening in a community center in the village of Khuldara in Marneuli municipality. Women also received relevant information materials in Azerbaijani language. As part of the Women’s History Month campaign, the Winner Women’s Club prepared stories on breast-cancer patients who thanks to their vigor and enthusiasm inspire other patients, fight social stigma and show pure examples of solidarity.

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