New Civic Engagement Projects Launching in March

New Civic Engagement Projects Launching in March

In February, the USAID Civil Society Engagement Program selected the winners of the fourth round of its Innovation and Challenge Grants Program. The selected projects will start in March and aim to tackle issues of public concern through citizen mobilization and advocacy efforts.

The following six organizations were selected for funding:

• The Documentary Association Georgia (DOCA), which will use the medium of documentaries to engage citizens in discussing important societal issues.
• Animal Project, which aims to reduce abuse of stray animals by enhancing the knowledge of activists and concerned citizens.
• 27+1, which will work to increase support for the European Union among young people in Georgia.
• Center for Civic Activities, which will advocate for citizens’ enhanced access to public services in the mountainous regions of Georgia.
• The Professional Union of Science, Education and Culture Workers of Georgia, which aims to increase transparency and efficiency of management of scientific and museum institutions in Georgia by facilitating collaboration among stakeholders.
• Urban Design and Heritage Laboratory, which will promote sustainable urban development in Tbilisi.

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