Developing Elderly-Orientated Social Services in Sighnaghi

Developing Elderly-Orientated Social Services in Sighnaghi

In Georgia, elderly citizens often do not have spaces for socialization, participation in public processes, realization of their skills, or continued education opportunities. With the USAID Civil Society Engagement Program’s support, the Sighnaghi-based CSO Civic Initiative, together with the social enterprise Knowledge Café, are addressing this deficit by piloting an elderly-orientated program in Sighnaghi municipality.

To ensure intergenerational participation in this initiative, the project team selected 15 youth participants from Sighnaghi municipality to engage with 15 elderly residents. The group will learn project management, carry out various initiatives, and draft a proposal for elderly-orientated social and education services to be submitted to the Signhnaghi municipality during the 2024 budget planning process.

On August 24, Knowledge Cafe hosted an event to emphasize the importance of supporting active aging services and urge local authorities to create and fund such services. The event provided a platform for both the elderly and young generations to express their viewpoints on these issues. Local municipality representatives and the mayor also attended the event and expressed support for this initiative.

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