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Innovation and Challenge Grants (ICG) Program

The USAID Civil Society Engagement Program announces the open-door Innovation and Challenge Grants (ICGs) program to support citizen engagement and community-strengthening initiatives by Georgian civil society organizations (CSOs), civic movements,


Youth initiative mobilizes Bolnisi residents to support renovation of local cinema, revive regional cultural life

The story of Bolnisi is one that is rich with culture and history. Located in Georgia’s southeastern Kvemo Kartli region, the area’s claims to fame include archeological sites providing record


Silver-Haired Stories: Photo Competition Connects Generations Across Georgia

Feri Ismailova says her mother always dreamed of attending university. “Growing up in Laghodeki in an ethnic Azerbaijani family, my mother’s parents decided that she would be married at a

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Bolnisi Residents Revitalize Cultural Processes in Their City

Georgian citizens living in regional towns and villages are often deprived of the opportunity to attend and take part in artistic, educational, and cultural events. However, local activists from Bolnisi

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Civic Activists Fight for Clean Air in Rustavi

Rustavi is currently one of the most polluted cities in Georgia. With 400 hectares of the city located in an industrial zone and many factories regularly releasing large quantities of

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Developing Elderly-Orientated Social Services in Sighnaghi

In Georgia, elderly citizens often do not have spaces for socialization, participation in public processes, realization of their skills, or continued education opportunities. With the USAID Civil Society Engagement Program’s

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Encouraging Youth Activism in Akhaltsikhe and Ninotsminda

Civic engagement in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, and in particular the ethnic minority populated municipalities, is very low. According to a survey conducted by the Open Society Georgia Foundation, 83% of