Rapid Response Grants to Address COVID-19 Crisis

Rapid Response Grants to Address COVID-19 Crisis

EWMI ACCESS funded 6 new projects in May under its Rapid Response Grants Program, aiming to address issues related to COVID-19. These are:

1. Wolfram Syndrome Georgia – supporting deaf-blind people, their families and caregivers by providing useful information on COVID-19 and individual consultancy.
2. Innovations for Inclusive Society – preparing children with disabilities and special education needs for entry in schools through consultancy sessions with children, their parents and school teachers.
3. GTS Photography – sharing individual and family stories of life during self-isolation, motivating people to disregard misinformation and to comply with social distancing.
4. Akaki Akhalaia (in partnership with marketer.ge) – producing  and distributing articles, podcasts, infographics and stories on COVID-19 and on how to adapt to the new normal. Posting the content on popular platform marketer.ge.
5. Children’s Hospice Firefly World – supporting terminally ill children and their families during the pandemic through information and psychological counseling services.
6. Lika Qurtsilkidze and Shorena Tkeshelashvili – creating  educational videos to support emotional, physical and cognitive development of pre-school children.

EWMI ACCESS has funded 21 projects since the inception of the Rapid Response Grants Program. You can find information on the first 15 projects here.

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