Coordination Meeting among CSOs Working on Anti-Western Disinformation Issues

Coordination Meeting among CSOs Working on Anti-Western Disinformation Issues

On June 13, EWMI ACCESS and the Open Society Georgia Foundation organized an information-sharing and coordination meeting among their partner Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) who study the nature and sources of illiberal, ultranationalist and disinformation groups in Georgia, and are engaged in countering anti-western disinformation. The purpose of the meeting was to exchange information about the ongoing projects in this field and support streamlining the efforts for a greater impact.

The meeting started with the presentation of Laura Thornton, NDI Georgia’s Resident Director, who summarized the results of NDI’s recent opinion poll regarding Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration. After this, the invited CSOs presented their project activities. The presentations were grouped in 5 thematic panels: researching anti-Western propaganda, researching ultranationalist movements, researching European narratives, information campaigns, and investigative journalism and online media.

The last session of the meeting was dedicated to identifying missing links in the process and opportunities for cooperation. EWMI ACCESS and OSGF will hold follow-up working meetings with representatives of the ACCESS’ and OSGF-funded projects. Later in autumn, EWMI ACCESS will engage diverse stakeholders (civic activists, creative groups, communication specialists, journalists, and others) in a roundtable discussion to evaluate effectiveness of the current anti-propaganda efforts and seek opportunities for improvement.

The following organizations were present at the meeting: Media Development Foundation (MDF), the Caucasus Research Resource Center – Georgia (CRRC Georgia), Tolerance and Diversity Institute, Nova Societas, Indigo magazine, Women’s Initiative for Equality, Georgia’s European Perspective, Transparency International – Georgia (TI Georgia), Strategic Communications Center of Georgia, Investigative Journalist’s Team (iFact), and Netgazeti.

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