Launching New Citizen Engagement Projects

Launching New Citizen Engagement Projects

In January 5 new citizen engagement projects started with EWMI ACCESS support.

1. Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC) will work in Upper Svaneti region to protect citizen’s interests during construction of the large Hydro Power Plants, and in close cooperation with the Green Alternative, will engage citizens in developing sustainable economic development initiatives to improve wellbeing of the target communities.

2. Georgian Eco-Tourism Association in partnership with local civic activists will engage citizens of Kharagauli Municipality in developing and promoting community-based tourism products and services to increase tourist flows to the Shavi Tskali Valley of Kharagauli municipality.

3. Georgian Young Lawyer’s Association will assist communities in the Racha-Lechkhumi and Lower Svaneti regions in highlighting and addressing their key needs and concerns through providing free legal aid, trainings and implementing advocacy initiatives.

4. Orbeliani Georgia will empower ethnic Azeri youth from Kvemo Kartli region through developing their critical thinking skills and offering them opportunities for engagement and self-realization. The project will: a) support volunteer-based youth initiatives in 11 communities/villages to address key community needs; b) provide trainings in critical thinking and civic engagement to the selected youth, and c) engage young leaders in informing their Azeri peers about the educational and employment opportunities in Georgia.

5.  Women of Georgia  – to maintain and update its popular social media platform  The Women of Georgia  that features in-depth stories of women from various social backgrounds. The stories aim at showcasing gender inequalities and deep-rooted gender stereotypes, and instigating  discussions and activism around these issues.

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