Leading Georgian CSOs Meet Village Residents in Marneuli Municipality

Leading Georgian CSOs Meet Village Residents in Marneuli Municipality

On September 15th the leading Georgian CSOs together with EWMI ACCESS will travel to the two villages of Kvemo Kartli region to meet face-to-face with rural residents and hear about their issues and problems firsthand, as well as to talk about latest developments in CSO sector and provide updates on Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration process. At these informal meetings the CSOs will present their work and provide consultations to interested residents on issues of their expertise. Open discussions will also explore the locals’ understanding of Georgia’s EU integration process and fill in the information gaps by detailing the overall benefit that the integration entails.

Representatives of the Georgian Young Lawyer’s Association (GYLA), Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC), Media Development Fund (MDF), Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) and EWMI’s ACCESS program will participate in the meetings. Civil society organizations working in Kvemo Kartli will also join the tour.

Open community meetings (Bus Tours), a part of ACCESS’s civic engagement efforts, strive to create a discussion platform between the CSOs and their constituents. These meetings enable citizens to learn more about the CSOs and freely engage with CSO leaders who, otherwise, are often seen in formal settings and on TV screens.

The schedule:

September 15

2:00 PM – Village Khikhani (at the village stadium)

5:00 PM – Village Aghmamedlo (in front of the culture house)

For additional questions, contact the EWMI ACCESS Deputy Chief of Party, Eka Imerlishvili at eimerlishvili@ewmi.org

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