EWMI ACCESS Grantees Celebrate Georgia’s Independence Day

EWMI ACCESS Grantees Celebrate Georgia’s Independence Day

On May 26, marking Georgia’s Independence Day, EWMI ACCESS grantee Information Defense Legion travelled to Shida Kartli (heavily affected by 2008 War) to distribute their first monthly edition of the newspaper ‘Position’ to citizens in Gori, Khashuri, Kaspi, Kareli and Ruisi. Featuring articles, interviews and even an historical overview of Georgia’s fight for independence and statehood (focusing on 1918-21 period), the newspaper aims at countering Russian propaganda and disinformation campaigns. Debunking anti-Western myths and committing to factual information, the first edition also highlights Western assistance during COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s attempts to breed mistrust and panic regarding Lugar Lab. The newspaper is a new tool for Information Defense Legion, who works online, to reach citizens with limited internet access in isolated areas, for such groups are the most vulnerable to fake news and disinformation. The Information Defense Legion also prepared a video dedicated to Georgian independence.

On the same day (May 26) civil.ge released videos as part of the project First Republic: Shaping the Narrative of Democratic Success supported by EWMI ACCESS. The videos highlight historical achievements and reforms of the first Democratic Republic of Georgia and counter Soviet narrative of weakness of the first Republic. Through these videos and other media products this project aims to stimulate and inspire democratic participation and sentiment in Georgia.

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