Crowdfunding Efforts Engage Communities to Fund 18 New Civic Initiatives

Crowdfunding Efforts Engage Communities to Fund 18 New Civic Initiatives

The use of crowdfunding as an effective method for raising funds for non-profit initiatives and engaging diverse audiences is still developing in Georgia. To further promote this method of fundraising, NGO Orbeliani Georgia created the online platform Orbeliani Meti, which allows civic activists to submit ideas for initiatives in their communities and apply for assistance in managing crowdfunding campaigns to fund them. Orbeliani Georgia helps selected applicants to promote their campaigns through training, production of unique video content for each project, and circulation of those videos on social media. Each project that raises 30% of the necessary funds through crowdfunding receives match-funding for the remaining 70% of funds from the USAID Civil Society Engagement Program.

In November, 18 social campaigns operated by the platform successfully raised 30% of the needed amount for their initiatives. In total, over 226,000 GEL will be spent on the implementation of these initiatives (including 69,000 GEL from citizen donations).The winning projects cover a variety of regions and an array of topics, including education, cultural events, infrastructure development, sports, and skills development programs for women.

Upon successful completion of the crowdfunding campaigns for these 18 civic initiatives, Orbeliani Georgia announced a third call for applications in early December. Those interested in submitting an initiative idea should apply before January 20, 2023.

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