Capacity Development Assistance Program for Georgian CSOs

Capacity Development Assistance Program for Georgian CSOs

East-West Management Institute (EWMI) ACCESS Project and the Center for Training and Consultancy (CTC)   are pleased to announce an open call for receiving Statements of Interest (SOI) to take part in its Capacity Development Assistance Program.

Organizational Development Assistance Program encompasses three stages:

  • At the initial stage, CTC will assess the selected organization and identify its strengths and weaknesses using a special questionnaire and scoring methodology. Areas targeted in this process are: governance, financial management, administration, HR management, financial sustainability, strategic planning, fundraising, organizational management, and project management. Based on the assessment results and scoring, a targeted Capacity Development Plan (CDP) will be developed.
  • On the second stage, CTC together with the selected organization will prioritize issue(s) from the Capacity Development Plan and define a methodology (e.g. individual consultation, workshops for the staff, working meeting, etc.) and timeline for its implementation. Based on the methodology/timeline, CTC will commence individual work with the organization and come up with practical solutions to identified problem(s).
  • On the last stage, few months after the preliminary assessment and consultancy work, CTC will conduct re-assessment of the selected organization and define the progress rate.

This approach promises that Organizational Development Assistance Program is tailored to the needs of the selected organizations and assists them in solving problems of significant importance.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a local (i.e. Georgian) CSO legally registered in Georgia;
  • Registered as a non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entity;
  • Operate as an independent non-politically affiliated organization;
  • Be a well-established CSO and has no less than two years of operational experience;
  • Focus on issues of particular concern to the public;
  • Demonstrate a clear need and willingness to invest and close gaps in organizational development.


*CSOs that have already gone through the ACCESS-CTC Capacity Development Assistance program and see the need for further assistance, may also apply.

Interested CSOs must submit the following documents to the EWMI ACCESS’ Capacity Development Manager, Ann Tsurtsumia at, at latest 5pm on November 24, 2018:

  • A SOI with a one-page summary of their capacity development needs (areas in which they require assistance)
  • A list of ongoing projects/initiatives indicating the project/initiative title, budget, period, and the donor.

Interested organizations can submit documents in English or Georgian languages.

Please indicate Capacity Development Assistance Program in the subject line.

Applicants should submit clarification requests via email to Ann Tsurtsumia or via ACCESS Facebook page.

Selected organizations will be announced by mid-December 2018.


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