Developing Professional Rehabilitation Services for Young People with Autism

In Georgia, people with autism are currently left without essential support services from the state after they reach the age of 18. Because of this, they are often unable to socialize into adulthood, find employment, and further develop their skills.

To address this gap in state services, the Collegium of Independent Education Consultants is working to raise awareness, develop a professional rehabilitation service model for young people with autism, and advocate for its adoption. With support from the USAID Civil Society Engagement Program, the organization has created a working group to a) discuss challenges faced by adults with autism and identify what rehabilitation services are necessary to ensure their social integration, and b) determine the relevant legislative and organizational initiatives and resources needed to ensure these services are able to run. The working group, which held its first meeting on June 29-30, is composed of CSO representatives, parents of people with autism, and government representatives.

The organization has also applied to the Georgian Parliament’s Healthcare Committee with a request to initiate thematic research on the need for social rehabilitation services for adults with autism.

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