Forum of Community-based Organizations from High Mountainous Regions

Forum of Community-based Organizations from High Mountainous Regions

On October 23-24, EWMI ACCESS grantee, the Center for Civic Activities (CCA) organized a forum of Community-based Organizations (CBOs) from high mountainous regions of Tusheti, Pankisi, Pshavi, Khevsureti, Mtiuleti, and Gudamakari. The forum aimed to discuss the most pressing issues in these regions and develop joint actions to address them. The most urgent issues identified during the forum included the problems related to infrastructure, agriculture, health care, education, hydropower dam construction, and the preservation of natural resources and cultural heritage monuments. The forum participants agreed to join forces to raise these issues with their respective local governments, as well as with regional and central governments.

On the second day, the forum participants developed a joint action plan for supporting tourism development in their municipalities. They drew up a tourist route connecting the six regions and listing the key tourist attractions for all six. As a follow-up, CCA plans to finalize the route, refine it with help from the subject area experts and practitioners, and assist partner CBOs in raising funds to finance its development.

The forum culminated in signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) between the participating CBOs in which they agreed to work together to better represent and protect the rights and interests of their local communities.

The forum was held with EWMI-ACCESS support.

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