Air Filter

Air Filter

With the support of EWMI-ACCESS, Jumpstart Georgia is launching its new project – “Air Filter” that aims to increase public awareness on air pollution in Georgia and create and support a network of organizations and committed individuals, who are involved in advocacy campaigns to reduce air pollution in Georgia. For this purpose organization launched the, a one-stop online platform where people can get information about air pollution in a user-friendly and engaging way, also find out how they can get involved in solving this issue with small changes in their everyday habits, i.e. actions that everyone can easily undertake such as reconsidering your routes to work or school, choosing a more eco-friendly transportation means, and becoming a more responsible consumer.

#YouCreateYourEnvironment is the hashtag and the main idea behind this project. All of us need to acknowledge the responsibilities we have as a citizens of Georgia and the planet. JumpStart Georgia, will try to help people become more active and environmentally-conscious citizen.

For more infiormation, please read Mariam Gamkharashjvili’s blog post –

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