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Meeting Place in Dmanisi

With support from the USAID Civil Society Engagement Program, the Dmanisi-based CSO has implemented various cultural and educational initiatives within the municipality, including theatrical performances, movie screenings, and other activities that offer

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Empowering Parents to Engage in the School Management Process

Many parents in Georgia are not aware of their basic rights enshrined in the Law on General Education, which provides for them to effectively engage in the decision-making processes at

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Supporting Socialization of the Elderly Population

In Georgia, elderly citizens often do not have spaces or opportunities for socialization, participation in public processes, realization of their skills, or continued education opportunities. With support from the USAID

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Advocating for a Better Future in Chiatura

Decades of improper manganese extraction practices in the Chiatura municipality have led to major social, environmental, and health issues, including poor working conditions, health problems among the local population, and