Online Game to Combat Disinformation and Fake News

Online Game to Combat Disinformation and Fake News

EWMI ACCESS supports online media and research organization DFRLab in producing and widely disseminating research reports and articles regarding anti-Western disinformation, actors of Russian-led influence operations in the social media and their main narratives. In addition, uses humorous and interactive content (quizzes, anecdotes, infographics) to reach out to and engage with audiences expressing a limited interest in political news and information.

On January 13, launched an online game called “Build the Empire of Lies” to showcase the methods and tools that authors of fake news use to manipulate people’s responses and emotions. The player takes the role of a fake newsmonger and is tasked with becoming a fake news media-magnate through misleading as many people as possible. Through the gameplay, players get acquainted with key tactics and disinformation techniques and become more aware towards audience’s behavior when sharing information in real life.

This game was inspired by the Get Bad News created by Cambridge University researchers in 2018. Get Bad News is often labeled a “vaccine against disinformation”. The Georgian version is based on the Georgian media situation and its narratives. The game is free and accessible to all age groups, with over 13,400 people having already played the game.

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