New Civic Engagement Projects Launching in August 2023

New Civic Engagement Projects Launching in August 2023

In July, the USAID Civil Society Engagement Program selected the winners of its Innovation and Challenge Grants Program. The selected projects will start in August and aim to tackle issues of public concern through citizen mobilization and advocacy efforts.

The following nine organizations and individuals were selected for funding:

  • The Georgian Down Syndrome Association, which will advocate for adequate healthcare services for people with Down syndrome.
  • Transparency International Georgia, which will work in regions of Georgia to raise awareness and support for Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration.
  • Salam Platform, which aims to empower ethnic minority youth in Kvemo Kartli to get engaged in public processes.
  • Students against the Russian Law, which will encourage students to become active citizens in their university and society.
  • Tsertili, which will work to foster students’ engagement in discussing and resolving vital societal issues.
  • Art Union – Collective Failure, which plans to raise awareness about environmental challenges and foster civic engagement in the Vere Valley.
  • Youth for Democratic Changes, which will support young people in Ninotsminda and Akhalkalaki in addressing local problems.
  • Coalition Education for All, which will advocate for a free school meals program.
  • Foki Pachulia, who plans to form a network of active citizens and engage them in the promotion of democratic principles.
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