Citizen Outreach Grants Program

The East-West Management Institute (EWMI) Advancing CSO Capacities and Engaging Society for Sustainability (ACCESS) project invites Georgian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), particularly those from the regions, to apply for Citizen Outreach Grants (COGs).

In anticipation of the upcoming local government elections, ACCESS calls CSOs to work with local communities, especially women, to identify and bring their needs to the attention of political parties and candidates participating in the election (i.e. election subjects) and contribute to the formation of a female voter constituency.

RfA and application form can be downloaded from the following links –

EWMI ACCESS COG_RfA_Year 3 Round 2_ENG_25 April 2017

ACCESS COG RfA Application Form_ENG_Year 3 Round 2_ENG_25 April 2017_FINAL

ACCESS COG RfA Attachment B_Budget Template_ENG_Year 3 Round 2_ENG_25 April 2017

Deadline for submitting project proposals – 31 May, 2017.

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