EWMI ACCESS Supports “Women of Georgia” Initiative

EWMI ACCESS Supports “Women of Georgia” Initiative

As of June, 2017, EWMI ACCESS started supporting the project Women of Georgia which is an extension of a well-established and popular Facebook platform that features human stories titled as ‘Women of Georgia’. These stories are aimed at identifying topics and thematic directions to exemplify gender inequalities, mapping out the subgroups most susceptible to gender and sex-based discrimination, as well as naming and exposing often hidden gender barriers. This is achieved through in-depth interviews using human story approach accompanied with photos that visualize women and their lives.

By featuring the individual stories of 60 women from Georgia using an online platform to highlight women’s issues and showcase the women’s unique experiences of challenging traditional gender roles, the project aims to increase awareness of invisible barriers that women from all classes, races and sexualities face in Georgia. The project paves the way for civic advocacy on gender related issues from the grassroots level, thus making sure the women’s voice is heard by decision makers.

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