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Assessment of the Legal Environment for CSO Financial Sustainability and Philanthropy in Georgia

With the goal of identifying gaps and good practices and improving the legal environment for CSO sustainability, the USAID Civil Society Engagement Program commissioned the assessment of the legal environment

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Strategic Support & Policy Grants Program

The USAID Civil Society Engagement Program invites Georgian civil society organizations (CSO) and CSO networks to submit grant applications to the Strategic Support and Policy Grants (SSPG) program. SSPG will support applications


New Cultural Space in Dmanisi

In September, the Dmanisi Initiative Group launched a one-year project with the support of the USAID Civil Society Engagement Program, which will engage residents of the municipality in more than

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CSOs and Civic Activists Meet Local Residents in Guria

On October 17-18, the USAID Civil Society Engagement Program and Ozurgeti Center for Civic Engagement organized meetings for civic activists, CSOs, and journalists to discuss pressing issues with locals in


GCNG Presents Corporate Responsibility Award

On October 20, Global Compact Network Georgia held the fifth annual ceremony of the CSR Award “Business for Sustainable Development.” The purpose of the award is to promote a culture of

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Citizens Petition Local Governments for Preschool Education

Access to preschool care and education should be provided to all residents in Georgia, according to Georgian legislation. However, this legal mandate is rarely enforced in the regions of Georgia,


Non-violent civic activism training empowers Georgian activists to make a greater impact in their communities

“Movements are about working to instill certain values in society. While they can often be driven by frustration and negative energy, a successful movement must translate into positive change. They