New Cultural Space in Dmanisi

New Cultural Space in Dmanisi

In September, the Dmanisi Initiative Group launched a one-year project with the support of the USAID Civil Society Engagement Program, which will engage residents of the municipality in more than 50 civic engagement activities to promote a sense of community and foster civic activism.

In October, as part of the project’s activities, live theater performances were organized in eight villages of Dmanisi municipality. The last performance was held in the former hospital of Dmanisi city, where the ruined building was turned into a performance venue.

In parallel to these events, the project’s organizers have launched a crowdfunding campaign to build and equip a multi-functional cultural-educational space called “the Meeting Place” in Dmanisi, which plans to offer Dmanisi residents cultural and educational activities they currently lack. These include theater performances and movie screenings on important social topics, discussions, informal education sessions and trainings, library and a social cafe. The Meeting Place will be open to people of all ages and social and ethnic groups to receive and share knowledge, make new friends, and become actively involved in the identification and solution of local problems.

The crowdfunding campaign is looking to raise 20,000 GEL to build and equip the Meeting Place. You can learn more about the initiative and donate to the cause here.

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