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Policy Forum – Anti-Western Disinformation in the Media: Possible Regulatory Solutions

Since the Russian Federation’s intervention in Ukraine in 2014, the public and political elite in Georgia, much like elsewhere in eastern and central Europe and even in the western nations,

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Capacity Development Assistance Program for Georgian CSOs has started!

In order to enhance effectiveness of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Georgia and help their transition into sustainable organizations, the EWMI ACCESS with its partner Center for Training and Consultancy


Greater CSO Transparency for Democratic Governance

Full transparency of Civil Society Organization (CSO) funding sources, budgets, projects, and missions – this is the answer from Georgian CSOs (both from Tbilisi and regions of Georgia) to frequently


Network of Centers for Civic Engagement (NCCE) is Moving Toward a Sustainable Future

Founded in 2011, the Centers for Civic Engagement (CCE) have operated in ten regional cities across Georgia to provide neutral and accessible space for democratic dialogue among citizens, civil society