Strategic Communications Forum

Strategic Communications Forum

On September 24, the International Forum on Strategic Communications was held at the Parliament of Georgia. The forum was supported by the US and UK Embassies in Georgia, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and EWMI ACCESS. Members of the Parliament and the Government of Georgia, representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia, and local and foreign experts were among the key speakers at the forum.

What is strategic communications system and why is it important for the state; how an effective strategic communications system should function in a complex information environment; what is the role of various stakeholders (the government, parliament, academia, and civil society) in building strategic communications system and its implementation in practice; strategic communication as an effective means for tackling anti-Western propaganda, as well as the method for informing the wider public about ongoing reforms in the country – these were the main topics discussed at the conference.

The conference participants noted that Georgia faces tough challenges. Against the backdrop of the hostile anti-western information environment the government struggles to persuade the public that its reforms bring positive change. Under such circumstances effective strategic communications becomes all the more crucial. The delegates of the forum agreed that the government should have a unified and coordinated communication system to combat disinformation and increase public awareness, and that this system should be adjusted to the Georgian context.

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