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Citizen platform successfully advocates for 100 Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) families in Poti to be resettled out of polluted area.

Insufficient regulation and safety measures at Poti’s seaport and expansive industrial zone have long caused hazardous conditions for locals. Harmful substances are openly processed and transported, and factories emit heavy

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“Burden of the River” – Exhibition Reflecting Environmental Concerns of the Vere River

With support from the USAID Civil Society Engagement Program, art group Collective Failure held the exhibition “The Burden of the River” on November 16-19 to reflect environmental concerns around the Vere River.

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Supporting Cooperation Between Businesses and the Civic Sector

On November 29, Global Compact Network Georgia (GCNG), with support from the USAID Civil Society Engagement Program, organized its second annual Partnership Fair to foster cooperation between the private and civic sectors.  The event

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CSOs Successfully Advocate for Healthier Food in Georgia’s Schools

In Georgia’s education system, school nutrition poses a substantial challenge for both students and their families. The UNICEF Child Welfare Survey published in 2023 found that a mere 27% of