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Rapid response grants empower civil society to support Ukrainians, address domestic implications of Russia-Ukraine war

Since the conflict began in late February, Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has had a devastating humanitarian impact, security implications, and economic consequences that have reverberated throughout the region

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Effects of the Russia-Ukraine War on Georgia’s Energy Security in the Short-Term Perspective

On June 10, the NGO World Experience for Georgia (WEG) presented the findings of its research on effects of the Russia-Ukraine War for Georgia’s energy security in the short-term perspective.

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European Forum Georgia Unites Democratic Groups around Georgia

In  May and June, European Forum Georgia organized multispectral dialogue meetings in 17 of Georgia’s cities (Gurjaani, Akhmeta, Lagodekhi, Telavi, Zestaponi, Baghdati, Khoni, Kutiaisi, Khulo, Keda, Batumi, Kobuleti, Khashuri, Kaspi,