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Examining Pandemic-induced Learning Loss in Georgia

In July, the Coalition “Education for All – Georgia” released its research findings on pandemic-induced learning loss in Georgia. The research, supported by EWMI ACCESS, determines the extent of learning loss in

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Open Meetings with Residents in Poti to Discuss Environmental Problems

The environmental situation is drastic in Poti, with the city’s seaport and industrial zone causing air pollution and persistent, unpleasant smell of fish. Citizens report difficulties breathing, with harmful substances

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Human Rights Management Manual for State-owned Enterprises

The concept of human rights protection by businesses was virtually nonexistent in Georgia before the 2016 Human Rights Action Plan. A year later, EWMI ACCESS supported CiDA to conduct a national

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Promoting Co-Creation and Social Lab Methodologies in the Georgian Civil Sector

Over the past three years, EWMI ACCESS has been intensively using co-creation and social lab approaches when planning new initiatives. Co-creation is a participatory process that involves people of different

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Impact of COVID-19 on Corporate Social Responsibility in Georgia

On July 18, the UN Global Compact Network’s (UNGC) Georgia Office held its annual assembly. The executive director of UNGC and CiDA summarized the network’s activities in 2020 and presented