Center for Training and Consultancy (CTC)

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CTC is on the one hand an institution for adult education supporting modern leadership and the development of human capital with working competence and on the other, it is a consultancy centre which renders assistance to different organizations in strengthening organizational systems and structures, as well as elaborating adequate strategies and management.

CTC clients are private individuals as well as organizations who wish to enhance their competitive edge and professionalism.

CTC provides its services in the form of delivering open courses, trainings and consultancies tailored to specific needs.

CTC also implements the theme-based projects funded by various donors and sponsors oriented at supporting education and development of individuals or organizations.

CTC services and training courses are aimed at all types of organizations. Namely:

  • Public, non-profit making organizations
  • Public institutions
  • International organizations working on development projects
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Social enterprises
  • Also individuals/ particular persons wishing to enhance their qualification

CTC remains loyal to the agenda of pub

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