VACANCY – Executive Director for the Network of Centers for Civic Engagement (CCEs).

The East-West Management Institute (EWMI) Advancing CSO Capacities and Engaging Society for Sustainability (ACCESS) Project seeks an Executive Director for the network of Centers for Civic Engagement (CCEs).

The CCE network Executive Director, in close coordination with EWMI ACCESS, will coordinate the work of the ten CCEs, lead the process of their transformation into a locally-led network, lead the network’s fundraising efforts, and develop the network through internal capacity building and outreach.

EWMI ACCESS project is a five-year, $5,5 million initiative supported by the United States Agency for Inernational Development (USAID) that works to enhance the effectiveness of CSOs in Georgia. CCEs operate as a network of community centers under the ACCESS project providing free space, event facilitation, and consultation services to local and national CSOs, political parties, government, media, and the donor community. CCEs offer a politically neutral platform for democratic dialogue in the regions of Georgia.

Currently, CCEs are a part of the EWMI ACCESS project. EWMI ACCESS aims to transform them into local organizations that are independent of USAID funding and continue to operate as a politically neutral gathering spaces for public discourse. This includes working with CCEs and multi-sectoral stakeholders to establish a nationwide network of CCEs, set up their management and reporting structures, and secure funding sources.

Scope of Work:

The CCE network Executive Director will be responsible for guiding the ten CCEs through the process of transformation from USAID-funded project into a local network with solid management and operational structures and sufficient funding. The CCE network Executive Director will use his/her knowledge, technical skills, education, experience, and country knowledge to accomplish the following tasks:

** Organize and oversee the successful and timely implementation of the CCE Transformation Action Plan and the related decisions made by EWMI ACCESS in partnership with the CCE staff;
** Provide the overall vision for the CCE transformation activities, foresee potential challenges, and propose strategies and actions to address them;
** Prepare strategies, action plans, and quarterly and annual technical reports related to CCEs with CCEs staff input;
** Monitor and report on the progress of achieving EWMI ACCESS objectives and meeting work plan requirements and PMP targets with regards to CCEs;
** Assist EWMI ACCESS in the process of property and contract transfer from ACCESS to CCEs once they are registered;
** Serve as a primary point of contact between the ten CCEs and EWMI ACCESS;
** In close cooperation with EWMI ACCESS, provide guidance to and ensure effective planning and implementation of capacity development activities for CCEs;
** In close cooperation with EWMI ACCESS, assist CCEs in developing and putting in place core financial, organizational management, and staff policies and procedures;
** Ensure that CCEs’ work complies with their internal financial, organizational, and staff policies;
** Lead the CCE network fundraising activities to ensure sustainable and effective functioning of CCEs;
** Serve as a primary contact point for the CCE network with donors and other external stakeholders;
** Identify, organize and follow relevant partnerships between CCEs and their key stakeholders, including government, regional and Tbilisi-based CSOs, media, private sector, and other parties;
** Assist CCEs in setting up and administering paid services, as described in the CCE Market Research Document;
** Assist CCEs and supervise their work to ensure that they meet expected targets and quality standards in implementing their activities in full compliance with USAID and EWMI ACCESS rules and regulations for grantees, other donors’ requierements, and Georgia’s legislation;
** Lead the work for tracking the CCE network deliverables and communicating success;
** Assist the CCE network Finance Manager, as needed, in developing budgets and managing EWMI ACCESS grant and other grants to CCES, as well as their procurement and finances;
** Effectively promote CCEs to local and international civil society organizations, donors, and public institutions;
** Travel outside Tbilisi to attend and monitor CCE activities and operations;
** Perform other tasks that are consistent with this job description and general requirements of the post.


** University degree in management, social sciences, or other fields relevant to the job;
** At least, 5 years of senior management experience preferably in civil society organizations and/or civil society support programs;
** Very good understanding of civil society sector and context in Georgia;
** Proven capacity for organization/network building and management;
** Proven capacity in fundraising and project development;
** Fluency in Georgian and English;
** Ability to work constructively with colleagues in a fast-paced team environment;
** Experience and/or familiarity with USAID projects and programs is preferred.

Interested applicants are requested to submit a CV in English, a cover letter and 3 reference contacts to by April 11, 2016. The subject line must indicate CCE network Executive Director.

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