Supporting Breast Cancer Patients in Georgia’s Regions

Supporting Breast Cancer Patients in Georgia’s Regions

With the overall purpose of empowering women diagnosed with breast cancer and supporting their psychological and physical rehabilitation, EWMI ACCESS Grantee Winner Women’s Club continues intensive outreach and consultancy work in Georgia’s regions. In August, the Club held psychological rehabilitation sessions with groups of breast cancer patients in Zugdidi and Kazbegi (10 sessions in each region). In addition, weekly sessions were held to teach patients the physical exercises necessary for post-surgery rehabilitation.

In August, Winner Women’s Club held awareness-raising and consultancy meetings in Racha, as well. An Oncologist-Mammologist provided free consultations to patients in Oni and Ambrolauri. A separate information session on breast cancer screening programs, early signs of cancer and the importance of early detection was held for medical personnel in Oni Hospital.

Despite the fact that the state-funded breast cancer screening program has been available since 2008 in Georgia, patients are deprived of post-surgery rehabilitation services which are extremely important for their physical and mental health. Post-treatment rehabilitation is an integral part of modern treatment practices. Winner Women’s Club tries to fill this vacuum, informing society about the importance of post-surgery rehabilitation services, and works with the government to address this problem.

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