“Strength is in Europe” TV-Show Resumed

”Strength is in Europe” TV-Show Resumed

ACCESS continues to support the #Strength is in Europe TV rubric as part of the “Other Midday” TV show broadcast on Saturdays on the Rustavi 2 TV channel. The bi-weekly rubric is dedicated to showcasing Western values and their parallels with Georgian culture; demonstrating Western support to Georgia;  evaluating impact of the Georgia’s Soviet past on Georgian mentality, and exposing anti-western disinformation and myths.

Every program starts with a 10-minute story that is followed by a discussion among the anchors, popular writers David Turashvili, Lasha Bughadze, Nene Kvinikadze, and Keti Devdariani. In addition, Rustavi 2 airs brief promotional videos several times a day to inform viewers about the select narratives, arguments, stories, and facts about Georgia’s orientation to the West.

This initiative is a continuation of a similar project successfully implemented with EWMI ACCESS support from March 2017 to February 2018.

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