How to Cope with Stress during COVID-19 Crisis?

How to Cope with Stress during COVID-19 Crisis?

Rapid spread of the new coronavirus (COVID19) and its unpredictable nature causes  uncontrolled fear, stress and anxiety in the population.

In order to help people cope with stress and reduce anxiety, EWMI ACCESS and the Center for Training and Consultancy (CTC) prepared short informational videos. In  these videos, psychologist Maya Tsiramua provides general guidance on managing COVID-related stress and teaches stress management techniques. A separate video is dedicated to helping children to cope with stress.

The videos were circulated though online media.

Video 1 . General Gudance on Stress Management 

Video 2. Stress Management Techniques 

Video 3. Helping Children to Cope with Stress 

Video 4 – Stress-coping Techniques


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